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Demonic World Empty Demonic World

on Thu Jun 14, 2018 12:36 pm
Information regarding Demonic World

Opens at Sacred Snow Mountain (910, 1069)
Opens every 4 hours
Remains open for 1 hour
There's ONLY ONE Portal to DW2 and it opens randomly in one of the indicated locations.


Wandering Soul - Fel Runestone, Kal Runestone, Lv1 Refining Gem Voucher, Great Gem Chest, Chest of Wandering Soul
Snowman Warlord - Kal Runestone, Lv1 Refining Gem Voucher, Azrael Gem Chest, Chest of Snowman Warlord, Necklace of Snowman Warlord

Imaginary Snow Doll - Crystal of Nimbleness, Fruit Fragment, Broken Wind, Broken Striking, Broken Colossus, Broken Rage, Broken Soul, Refining Gem
Snow Doll Spirit - Crystal of Enchantment, Ja Runestone, Cracked Wind, Cracked Striking, Cracked Colossus, Cracked Rage, Cracked Soul, Refining Gem
Evil Snow Doll Spirit - Heart of Sorrow, Naiad Stone, Chipped Wind, Chipped Striking, Chipped Colossus, Chipped Rage. Chipped Soul, Refining Gem


Chest of Demonic World 1 - Evanescence Chest of Crusader, Evanescence Chest of Sharpshooter, Evanescence Chest of Cleric, Evanescence Chest of Seal Master, Evanescence Chest of Voyager, Evanescence Chest of Champion, Lv1 Refining Gem Voucher,

Chest of Demonic World 2 - Enigma Chest of Crusader, Enigma Chest of Sharpshooter, Enigma Chest of Cleric, Enigma Chest of Seal Master, Enigma Chest of Voyager, Enigma Chest of Champion, Fel Runestone, Lv1 Refining Gem Voucher
Demonic World Dw110
Demonic World Dw210
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