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Chaos Argent
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Lower Icicle Castle

  • The level difference matters a lot. Which means that your damage will be increased in lower level players and will be decreased in higher player levels.
  • There is a penalty, if a player leaves the map for whatever reason, they will receive a restriction to not being able to enter the map for 2 minutes.

Consists of the following
Novice/Standard/Expert Chaos Chests
Lance Newbie Phantom , Carsise Newbie Phantom , Phyllis Newbie Phantom , Ami Newbie Phantom ;
Lance Hunter Phantom , Carsise Swordsman Phantom , Phyllis Explorer Phantom , Ami Cleric Phantom ;
Lance Crusader Phantom , Carsise Champion Phantom , Phyllis Sharpshooter Phantom , Phyllis Cleric Phantom , Ami Seal Master Phantom ;
Black Dragon Lance , Black Dragon Carsise , Black Dragon Phyllis , Black Dragon Ami

Novice Chest

Novice Monster Covenant
Refining Gem
Explosive Gem
Furious Gem
Novice Chaos Voucher
Shadow Gem
Shining Gem

Standard Chest

Standard Monster Covenant
Refining Gem
Fiery Gem
Glowing Gem
Lustrious Gem
Spirit Gem
Standard Chaos Voucher

Expert Chest

Expert Monster Convenant
Refining Gem
Expert Chaos Voucher
Gem of Rage
Gem of Colossus
Gem of Striking
Gem of Wind
Gem of Soul

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